• Article Galaxy Release Notes


July 17, 2019

New CRISPR / Cas9 Gadget

Posted by: Mitja-Alexander Linss

In this release, we are including updates and fixes that improve security and user experience in the Article Galaxy platform such as updating links in auto-generated emails to HTTPS and enhancing document viewing in the Article Rental Viewer. Gadget releases entail updates to several Gadget features and the release of a new Gadget - the  CRISPR / Cas9 Experiments Searcher.

Platform Releases:

  • Automated Emails - enhanced user security for document delivery by updating links in system-generated emails from HTTP to HTTPS, improving secure access to the ordering process, such as downloading PDF articles and checking order status.
  • Article Rental Viewer - fixed loading issue in the Article Rental Viewer that prevented some users from properly viewing the rented document in the viewer.

Gadget Releases:

  • Enhanced Gadget Features - we improved the user interface across several Gadgets and made the user experience friendlier. That includes a better integration into the Reference Manager Gadget: one or multiple references can now be selected and added to the Reference Manager Gadget in one click. Updated Gadgets include:
    • PubMed Searcher
    • Protocols Searcher
    • DOI/PMID Article Finder
    • Journal Article Searcher
    • Sequence Literature Finder
  • Updates to iRNA Designer - added a clean sequence feature to the Gadget for better user convenience
  • NEW Gadget - today we are releasing the CRISPR / Cas9 Experiments Searcher. Search or browse publications for CRISPR / Cas9 screening experiments:
    • Utilizes data from the German Cancer Research Center's GenomeCRISPR database
    • Search by PubMedID, author name, or publication title
    • Review abstracts and order journal articles on the spot
    • Export references to the Reference Manager Gadget