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What Is Article Galaxy?

Reprints Desk’s award-winning research platform Article Galaxy provides data-driven insights and one-click access to scientific, technical and medical (STM) content at the lowest legal cost, filtering against Open Access, subscriptions, publisher pay-per-view tokens and even full-text rentals.

Article Galaxy is saving us at least 50% of time with our current workflow. It also helps us make sure we’re appropriately covered in terms of copyright. That’s an important issue.

Lore Gruenbaum PhD, Executive Director of Biology and Pharmacology

On the articles we order, we see almost immediate delivery, which translates into significant time savings for our researchers.

Karlheinz Spenny Scientific Information Center

The core problem is not accessing information. The problem is transforming that information into knowledge that can drive the business. There is a huge difference between the two.

Dr. Teresa SilveiraDocumentation and Scientific Service

The Article Galaxy solution has been a big time-saver for our researchers, and a cost-saver for the organization.

Dan Dowd Genomind VP of Medical Affairs


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