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Are you getting the most out of the data that matters to you? The Gadget Store offers a vast library of easy-to-use apps—designed specifically for scientists and researchers—that help personalize and enhance research.

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What is a Gadget?

Gadgets are simple yet powerful applications—designed with scientists in mind. Similar to common consumer apps, Gadgets are task-specific and easy-to-use. Far more valuable than simply presenting information, Gadgets pinpoint the data you need for the task at hand, creating a truly personalized research workflow.


Popular Gadget categories include:

  • Search and Discovery

  • On-demand Literature Access

  • Workflow and Productivity

  • Lab and Visualization

  • Biomedical Research

  • Journal TOC Feeds

Use Gadgets to streamline your workflow, accelerate discovery, gain deeper insights—and optimize your research. 

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What is the Gadget Store?

Managed by Research Solutions, the Gadget Store offers an ever-growing library of useful science applications. A one-stop-shop for researchers, it’s easy to find the Gadgets that meet your research needs.

  • Search by keyword or browse popular categories

  • Click on any Gadget for a detailed description

  • Instantly add Gadgets to your dashboard

  • Subscribe to TOC feeds of 1900+ journals

  • Request a custom-built Gadget

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Each Gadget is assigned a unique, identifying icon. An intuitive interface lets you easily add, move, and delete Gadgets from your dashboard—to create a workbench of Gadgets that’s right for you.


Simplifying Scientific Research

Reprints Desk’s ecosystem of Gadgets has the power to transform scientific research. More than just the sum of their parts, Gadgets interact with each other to provide deeper insights—so you can make the most of the data that matters to you.


Stop wasting time gathering data you can’t use or visualize. Gadgets provide unified and enhanced access to data from a variety of sources, including: 

  • Bibliographic Citations

  • Table of Contents and RSS Feeds

  • PDF Files

  • XML Feeds

  • Web Content

Keep your research in one place with personalized dashboards and easy access to both scientific content and data—in a fraction of the time.


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