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Framework Release Notes 2019-1.0

Posted by: Mitja-Alexander Linss | May 9, 2019

In this release, we are introducing multiple framework updates and new features such as an enhanced user interface design for the Article Galaxy dashboard, search and order form enhancements, in-Gadget feedback features, and changes to the default Gadgets visible to individual and workgroup users upon first login. Gadget releases include updates to the Reference Manager Gadget, and more, as well as the release of the Protein Interaction Searcher.

New Features

  • New Interface Design: introduced new user interface design for the Article Galaxy dashboard along with a new design for Gadgets. Functionality or performance did not change at all - the sole purpose of the redesign is a more modern look and feel.
  • User Feedback: added new feature to submit feedback in each Gadget with the ‘feedback’ icon in the Gadget menu.


  • Order Form: resolved issue to auto-populate citation data with “Get Citation’ via DOI.
  • User Plans: for professional to workgroup upgrades, invoices will show up in the next billing cycles.
  • Default Gadgets: for individual and work group users six default Gadgets will display upon first login (see list below). Post sign up, users can add / remove Gadgets of their choice. See pricing to learn more.
    • Document Delivery Gadget
    • Reference Manager Gadget
    • Article Galaxy Tour
    • Journal Article Searcher
    • PubMed Searcher
    • Gadget Requester
  • Enhanced Search: improved search experience in the Gadget Store with type aheads in search box.