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Gadget Release Notes 2019-1.0

Posted by: Mitja-Alexander Linss | May 9, 2019

In this release, we are introducing multiple framework updates and new features such as an enhanced user interface design for the Article Galaxy dashboard, search and order form enhancements, in-Gadget feedback features, and changes to the default Gadgets visible to individual and workgroup users upon first login. Gadget releases include updates to the Reference Manager Gadget,  and more, as well as the release of the Protein Interaction Searcher.


  • Reference Manager Gadget – multiple updates and fixes:
    • Added support to import PubMed (.nbib) formatted references.
    • Introduced ‘Copy Link’ button for users to share or bookmark permanent citation link.
    • Improved JournalTOC subscription process with ability to subscribe to multiple feeds.
    • Improved usability and visibility of the smart folder search feature.
    • Made research notes private in Group Folders.
    • Introduced label on “My References Search’ to determine folder(s) references reside in.
    • Set the most recently selected tab in settings to be remembered during a session.
    • Made the settings panel easier to find, open, close, and use.
    • Enabled deep linking directly into any reference in ‘All References’ folder or settings.
    • Introduced new admin role with ability to determine user rights.
    • Provided admin role with ability to add/delete/edit references in Group Bibliography.
    • Added Group Bibliography to search and discovery feature.
    • Added a CSV reference export format to go along with the existing RIS and BIB options.
  • Open Access Finder – added smarter search box that finds DOIs with any search string.
  • DNA Restriction Mapper – redesigned user interface and added sequence cleaning
  • Electrophoresis Gel Simulator – redesigned user interface and added sequence cleaning
  • Article Galaxy Tour - updated version now includes a new Gadget Store video tutorial.

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