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August 16, 2019

New Lab Productivity Gadgets

Posted by: Mitja-Alexander Linss

In this release, we are announcing a new Gadget, the NASA GeneLab Searcher, and several updates to popular Gadgets such as the 3D Protein Visualizer and the Journal Article Searcher.

Gadget Updates

  • Journal Article Searcher - enhanced functionality for users of Windows Internet Explorer 11
  • 3D Protein Visualizer - made several updates to the Gadget:
    • Enhanced user interface and improved user experience
    • Introduced feature to export citations to the Reference Manager Gadget
    • Added Altmetric score to citations to measure online visibility a citation received
    • Added 'related articles' feature

New Gadget Releases

  • NEW: NASA GeneLab Searcher - launched new search and lab productivity Gadget:
    • Enables users to do a keyword search for ground and spaceflight experiments within the NASA GeneLab database
    • Users can filter by project, organisms, assay type, and other factors for ground and spaceflight experiments
    • Interactive UI allows for retrieval of results by project, protocol and study details related to the user search