Submit useful and cool Gadget ideas for a chance to win a GIA - a Gadgetcon Innovation Award! Suggest new features to existing Gadgets or brand new Gadget ideas for a chance to win. Prizes range from $1000 up to $25,000! Improve your chance of winning by submitting detailed ideas for new Gadgets (including drawings, draft specs, or even prototypes). The more fleshed out, the better your chance of winning!


Gadgetcon Hackathon

The Grand Prize includes an expenses-paid trip for the winning participant to Gadgetcon, always somewhere magical in Mexico! Gadgetcon is our twice-a-year gathering of our Gadgeteers, Gadgetologists and Gadgeticians, aka the The Gadget Squad. Enter now for your chance to become an honorary Gadgeteer and join us for a hackathon and fun in Mexico!



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What are Gadgetcon Innovation Awards?

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