What’s the Gadget Store?

Managed by Research Solutions, the Gadget Store works just like an app store. It offers an ever-growing library of useful science applications. A one-stop-shop for researchers, the Gadget Store makes it easy to find the Gadgets that meet your research needs. Research Solutions’ ecosystem of Gadgets powers Article Galaxy, the company’s award-winning research platform.

What’s a Gadget?

Gadgets are simple yet powerful applications—designed with scientists in mind. Similar to common consumer apps, Gadgets are task-specific and easy-to-use. Far more valuable than simply presenting information, Gadgets pinpoint the data you need for the task at hand, creating a truly personalized research workflow. They require either user input or are invoked via data feeds and interactivity (e.g. extracting protein structures from a list of citations).

How Do Gadgets Work?

Gadgets enhance and securely gather data from a variety of sources, such as bibliographic citations, table-of-content and RSS feeds, PDF files, databases, XML feeds, web content, and much more. Each Gadget is assigned a unique, identifying icon. An intuitive interface lets you easily add, move, and delete Gadgets from your dashboard—to create a workbench of Gadgets that’s right for you. Read a quick reference guide on how to use Gadgets and how to order research articles.

Why Do I Need Gadgets?

Gadgets personalize your research experience by augmenting specific data to scientific content. Just as apps revolutionized the smartphone user experience, Research Solutions’ ecosystem of Gadgets has the power to transform scientific research. More importantly, Gadgets make the data you care about dramatically more useful and visual, simplifying your research.

What If a Gadget I Need Is Not Available?

With an enterprise subscription, you can request custom-built Gadgets for your specific research needs. All others users can send us their ideas for consideration. Submit your Gadget idea here.

How Can I Use the Gadget Store?

Simply start searching the Gadget Store for Gadgets applicable to your research or browse popular Gadget categories. If you would like to add a Gadget to your dashboard, please sign in or a create a free account in a matter of minutes.

What Does a Free User Account Include?

A free account allows for per-article purchases of 70M+ journal articles 24/7 along with access to 120+ app-like research gadgets, a robust reference manager, and more. For more information, please review plans.

Do I Have to Pay for Open Access Content?

We do not charge any fee for Open Access content. However, since there is human effort involved in searching for and delivering the right citation, there may be a service fee in some cases.

What Are My Payment Options?

Currently, the only payment option available is via credit card.

How Can I Tell If My Organization Already Is a Research Solutions Customer?

For decades, Research Solutions has served organizations of all size with their literature access needs. It is entirely possible we serve your organization, too. Contact your internal account administrator or the your knowledgeable Research Solutions help desk staff to find out. If your organization does have an account, you already have access to the enterprise features of the Gadget Store via Article Galaxy.

What Is Article Galaxy?

Article Galaxy is Research Solutions’ award-winning platform for research intelligence and on-demand access to scientific, technical and medical (STM) information. You can learn more about Article Galaxy by visiting the Article Galaxy product page.