What is Article Galaxy?

Article Galaxy is an award-winning software platform for 24/7 on-demand document delivery of scientific, technical and medical (STM) literature. It enables researchers to order full-text documents in native PDF format sent directly via email or displayed online. The platform is complemented with an ecosystem of 100s of app-like tools called Gadgets, that can be used individually or in conjunction with the platform to increase research efficiency and seamless literature search and acquisition.

There are 3 existing Article Galaxy plans:

  • Enterprise for business

  • Free for individuals

  • Scholar for academic institutions

How can I order documents in Article Galaxy?

There are different options to order documents online and on popular websites, including article rentals:

Via the Document Delivery Gadget
Log in in to the Article Galaxy Dashboard and click on the Order Documents Gadget. After finding your citation, you can fill in the order form. There are no mandatory fields. It is possible to just enter the DOI or PMID of an article which will pull the rest of the citation information automatically. To order multiple articles, please click on Cut and Paste within the order form and paste the citation information. To see if an article is available for rent, click on Check Availability at the bottom of the order form. If the article is available for rent, the Get Rental button will appear on the next screen.

Via Article Galaxy Widget Browser Extension
Article Galaxy Widget helps you to simplify your search across your preferred discovery environments. With shopping cart-like access, extract content and place orders directly from Google Scholar, PubMed or other popular search tools. Simply inject Article Galaxy Widget, a bookmarklet, into the web browser bar, and browser-based order options in PubMed, Google Scholar, SciFinder and more than 70 other discovery websites are enabled. The widget extracts citation data for simplified viewing, filtering, and shopping cart-like purchasing.

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Via Email
If you have a list of citations you need to order, please send your list to orders@reprintsdesk.com. The Research Solutions support team will process your orders and enter them into the system.

What types of documents are available?

Almost anything from peer-reviewed journal articles and supplementary materials, digital and scanned copies of papers from conference proceedings, technical reports, dissertations, government reports, book chapters, and other types of content.

What are Gadgets?

Gadgets are simple yet powerful applications—designed for research and scientific information. Similar to common consumer apps, Gadgets are task-specific and easy to use, and run on your desktop or mobile web browser. Far more valuable than simply presenting information, Gadgets pinpoint the data you need for the task at hand, creating a truly personalized research workflow. They require either user input or are invoked via data feeds and interactivity (e.g. extracting protein structures from a list of citations).

Where can I find Gadgets?

Simply sign up or log in to your Article Galaxy account. You can then search for Gadgets based on the scientific task at hand or browse Gadget categories, such as All Time Best, Document Delivery or Lab Tools. To add Gadgets to your Article Galaxy Dashboard, simply click Add a Gadget. You will also be able to see featured Gadgets with similar functionality compared to the chosen Gadgets. A full description of each Gadget’s purpose is available under the Gadget name. If you are not logged in, you can browse Gadgets in the public Gadget Store.

How can I configure Gadgets?

You can drag and drop Gadgets anywhere on the screen. If you would like to remove a Gadget, simply click on the trash symbol in the right hand corner and the Gadget will be removed from the screen. If you would like to move a Gadget to another tab, click the move symbol and choose to which tab you would like to move it. Certain Gadgets can be expanded to fill most of the screen by clicking the maximize symbol. Read a quick guide on how to use Gadgets in your dashboard.

Is there a Gadget to track popular journals?

Yes. You can easily follow table-of-contents (TOC) feeds of popular scientific journals. Just search any of 19,000+ journals in the TOC Gadget on the Gadget Store homepage and add Gadgets for the journals you want to follow to your Article Galaxy dashboard.

Can I access Article Galaxy for free?

Yes, any researcher can create a free account. A free account allows for per-article purchases of 70M+ journal articles 24/7 via credit card along with access to 120+ app-like research Gadgets, and more. For more information, please review plans. Read this quick guide on how to manage your individual account.

Is there a quick way to order?

Yes. In fact, we’ve made it even easier and quicker than ever to place an order. What’s more, now you can place an order anywhere in the system and you don’t necessarily have to open the order form. For instance, search citations directly in Article Galaxy’s popular PubMed Gadget and order a citation you found directly from within the Gadget. No detour to the order form needed, the document will be sent to you right from your PubMed search.

Can I order from PubMed or Google Scholar?

Yes, you can order directly from PubMed or Google Scholar by downloading and using the Article Galaxy Widget browser extension. It turns your Internet browser into a shopping cart and enables researchers to purchase, rent or access hundreds of scientific papers directly from their search results in PubMed, Google Scholar or 70+ popular discovery portals. In addition, there are many other ways that Article Galaxy integrates with your preferred discovery environments.

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What fees do I pay for a journal article?

We charge a service fee and a copyright fee for the rightsholders. Article Galaxy smart filters ensure you always get articles at the lowest cost available, including Open Access content, subscriptions, rentals, or publisher tokens.

Do I have to pay for Open Access content?

We do not charge any fee for Open Access content. However, since there is human effort involved in searching for and delivering the right citation, there may be a service fee in some cases.

What am I allowed to do with an article?

The article or document you order is for individual use only. If you would like additional copies for colleagues, it is recommended that a copy is ordered for each recipient to ensure copyright compliance. Copyright restrictions vary by use, by publication, and by your organization’s licensing status with publishers and with RROs like CLA and CCC. If you need help ensuring copyright compliance for the articles you order, or want to avoid duplicate article purchases or royalty payments, please contact us to discuss the options.

Why do I need to select an intended use?

Some subscribed or Open Access content is restricted to specific uses. If articles or documents may be shared across your enterprise or accessed from an archive of previously purchased content when covered by your organization’s licenses, the intended use you indicate will assist in determining if additional copyright fees are owed to the rights holder.

Can I store previously purchased PDF articles in a central location?

Yes, Article Galaxy offers several ways in Article Galaxy to avoid duplicate article purchases and alert researchers to articles your organization already owns. Article Galaxy Shelf Browser lets you locate and access all of your organization’s legally acquired and re-usable PDFs in one place. Organizations need to ensure adequate copyright permissions in line with Reproduction Rights Organizations (RROs) and Open Access licensing terms.

How can I obtain supplemental material for an article?

If you believe that supplemental material exists for an article, and would like to have it delivered to you, simply reply to the delivery email coming from Research Solutions and request it.

Can I cancel an order?

You may cancel an order if Research Solutions has not yet filled it. Please note that you should take immediate action if you wish to cancel an order as most orders are delivered within minutes.

Which order options are available to me?

Not all order options and features are supported on all accounts, and some service options may have to be enabled in your account settings. Please contact customer support.

How do I access documents that I have ordered?

You can retrieve documents that you have ordered by clicking on the link in the order delivery email that you receive. Clicking this link will take you to an article download page where you can download and view the article that you have ordered. PLEASE NOTE: Links on the download page are valid for 30 days. Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher is required to view documents. Some publishers allow for immediate in-browser access. More than 88% of orders are delivered within minutes and 12% are scanned from print within 24 hours.

What is the Article Explorer?

The Article Explorer is your quick reference to the digital footprint of a citation. It instantly displays availability options, and a list of Cited-by references for More Like This recommendations powered by Scopus. A popular feature is the citation’s Altmetric score, indicating the article’s popularity as measured in blogs, social media, and other online channels.

What is Bibliogo?

Bibliogo is a knowledge management solution and comes as an add-on to Article Galaxy. It combines features for robust reference management, collaboration, literature alerts, and literature access in one application. Read a quick guide on how to access Bibliogo and how to use it.

Can I see my orders all in one place?

Yes. By clicking the View Order History tab in the Document Delivery Gadget, you can review your entire order history. Not only will all of your orders be accessible, you will also be able to search, sort and filter by different criteria. You can search your orders by keyword and even download the PDFs directly from the order history.

How can I tell if my organization is already a Research Solutions customer?

For decades, Research Solutions has served organizations of all sizes with their literature access needs. It is entirely possible we serve your organization, too. Contact your internal account administrator or your knowledgeable Research Solutions help desk staff to find out. If your organization does have an account, you already have access to the Enterprise features of the Gadget Store via Article Galaxy.

How do I learn more about Enterprise features in Article Galaxy?

If you are interested in the Enterprise features of the Article Galaxy research platform, please view plans for a full feature comparison or contact the Article Galaxy specialists for more information.

How can I get help?

Yes. Click on the Get Help link at the top of the page to submit a helpdesk request with Research Solutions Customer Support. Customer service is available by phone at +1 (310) 477-0354 or by email at customersupport@reprintsdesk.com.