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Augmented Reality for
your Search Results.

Supercharge PubMed®, Google Scholar® and Others

Article Galaxy Widget™ instantly transforms your search results on PubMed®, Google Scholar® and 50 other discovery websites, overlaying a powerful tool that extracts all citations displayed for simplified viewing.

With a single click, your research team obtains on-demand and shopping-cart like access to scientific documents right in their search results:

  • Get purchase options and near real-time delivery for any citation
  • Filter for lowest cost of access, including subscriptions, article rentals and Open Acess
  • Gain insights into the popularity of papers by viewing data from Altmetrics®
  • Integrate with reference management tools like EndNote® and Bibliogo®


How It Works - Quick Video Tour

The widget is easy to deploy, requires no IT support, and works as an overlay to your search results on your discovery portal. Take a quick video tour: 

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