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April 30, 2009

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REPRINTS DESK, INC. Certified as a Top 20% Performer

Open Ratings, Inc.

WALTHAM, MA - April 30, 2009 - Reprints Desk has been certified as a Top 20% Performer based on the Past Performance Evaluation survey responses of its reference customers. Reprints Desk's PPE score of 97/100 demonstrates outstanding overall customer satisfaction relative to similar companies.

About the Past Performance Evaluation (PPE) Program

Each year, Open Ratings helps thousands of companies secure contracts with large purchasing organizations such as the GSA by verifiying their performance with Past Performance Evaluations (PPEs). The customer satisfaction metrics that are evaluated include:

  • Reliability
  • Cost
  • Order accuracy
  • Delivery/timeliness
  • Quality
  • Business relations
  • Personnel
  • Customer support
  • ResponsivenessThe PPE score is based on the survey feedback of between four and twenty verified references. The Top 20% rating is relative to similar companies during the same time period.

To Obtain the Detailed PPE Report

To obtain a copy of the PDF PPE report for Reprints Desk, please visit https://prod.openratings.com/certified/index.pl?page=duns&orderid=1340796

About Open Ratings

Open Ratings is a leading provider of software, services and information for proactive supply management. Open Ratings solutions help companies to lower costs, reduce risks and increase profitability by reducing supply management costs and improving supply management initiatives. At the core of Open Ratings solutions is patent-pending predictive technology that provides advance notice of supplier performance and financial stability problems. For more information, visit Open Ratings on the Web at http://www.openratings.com.

To learn more about the Open Ratings Certified PPE program, go to https://prod.openratings.com/certified/index.pl?page=about