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April 21, 2008

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Reprints Desk Ranked First in Outsell's Document Delivery Study

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 21, 2008 -- Reprints Desk was rated first in all four categories of customer satisfaction in the recently published Outsell survey "Document Delivery -- Best Practices and Vendor Scorecard." Outsell's independent analysis rated document delivery vendors for depth and breadth of coverage, fair pricing, ease of doing business, and overall satisfaction.

Outsell, a research and advisory firm focused on the publishing, information, and education industries, undertook the study because information managers continue to be challenged by copyright compliance and the distribution and process management of single articles, patents, and other documents.

Outsell conducted a survey in January-February 2008 of 199 information professionals, 79% from the corporate sector, 11% from government, 7% from education, and 4% from the healthcare sector. Outsell reports that "... rising star Reprints Desk is giving the heavies in the document delivery space a run for their money."

Reprints Desk garnered the No. 1 spot for depth and breadth of coverage, came in first in fair pricing, and topped all entrants for its customer-centricity and ease of doing business. In overall customer satisfaction, Reprints Desk took first place, coming in ahead of every other vendor. Reprints Desk also ranked among the highest for customer loyalty, including the significant benchmark of willingness to recommend the vendor to other buyers.

Joanne Lustig, Vice President and Lead Analyst at Outsell and author of the study, said, "Information professionals believe that document delivery is among their five most valuable and important services and they are increasingly opting for outsourcing in lieu of deep intermediation. Full service providers free up library staff for more valuable tasks while enabling the library to continue providing this key service."

The Outsell study draws attention to the confusing and frustrating landscape of varying requirements for digital rights management (DRM). Users prefer to receive a consistent product, preferably original (publisher) PDFs, but the various protective measures employed by publishers lead to a very uneven user experience. Reprints Desk recently launched an app'less DRM tool that does not require the user to download a program before accessing a document. This innovation answers the demands of both the publisher for protection and of the user for ease of access. Reprints Desk's DRM tool is one of several customer-focused innovations the company is bringing to the marketplace. Copies of the Outsell study are available at the Outsell online store at http://www.outsellinc.com/store.

About Reprints Desk

Reprints Desk http://www.reprintsdesk.com is an innovative new content re-purposing company focused on medical and scientific publishing. The company was formed in 2006 by content professionals with over 50 years of experience serving customers and publishers in healthcare. Reprints Desk offers reprints, ePrints, single article delivery, and related data management solutions.