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May 2, 2019

Apps for Biomolecular Research? Yes!

Posted by: Karina Chavez, Ph.D.

Recent advances in biomolecular science have been astounding. Today’s biomolecular scientists have the opportunity to make truly groundbreaking contributions across biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, genetic engineering, and medicine. In the race to discovery, the pressure is on to deliver.

As the pace of innovation continues to accelerate, however, keeping up isn’t always easy. Due to the complex nature of the work, biomolecular researchers are renowned for logging long, painstaking hours in the laboratory. Indeed, biomolecular lab work involves multiple steps and requires meticulous attention to complex details.
While modern technologies have helped automate various tasks involved in biomolecular research, many scientists still struggle with fragmented and inefficient workflows.

Improving Lab Productivity with Gadgets

Helping researchers work faster and smarter has always been a central focus at Reprints Desk. As such, we’ve designed many of our biomolecular Gadgets (aka science apps) to work in concert with each other to improve lab productivity.

For example, here are just some of the Gadgets a researcher might cluster together to find the gene expression silencing with RNAi:

By using Gadgets in tandem, researchers can save 50-70% of time compared to traditional research methods. Rather than downloading multiple software products, and constantly toggling back and forth between numerous browser tabs, Gadget users can perform a complete sequence of research steps from one central location (the Gadgets dashboard). Indeed, a series of tasks that might take 5-7 hours the traditional way, takes less than 2 hours using clusters of Gadgets.

Biomolecular researchers who can personalize their workflows using integrated and complementary research tools will be well positioned to accelerate their discoveries—and deliver valuable contributions to the world of biomedicine.

Reprints Desk’s ever-growing library of Gadgets is available in the Article Galaxy Gadget Store at https://info.reprintsdesk.com/gadget-store. If you don’t have a Gadget Store account, you can sign up here for free.

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