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February 8, 2018

Reprints Desk at Tri-Con: San Francisco, February 12-14, 2018

Posted by: Mitja-Alexander Linss

Even in today’s digital world where it is easy to communicate with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WebEx and Google Hangouts, the face-to-face meeting is still one of the best ways to start a business relationship and build trust. And what better place to meet than at a well-attended tradeshow or conference like Tri-Con — the molecular medicine and diagnostics industry’s premiere event being held in San Francisco in February.

Reprints Desk is excited to be recognized as an important contributor to the rapid growth in emerging technologies that facilitate research in molecular medicine, diagnostics, drug discovery, and drug development that have a pivotal role in mitigating disease, improving access to healthcare, and identifying transformative treatments. Many of these technologies will be showcased at Tri-Con, where you will also get the most up-to-date information about the trends in medicine development, diagnostics and therapeutics.

More than 3,700 drug discovery and development professionals from around the globe will be at Tri-Con. The conference brings together some of the top minds in biotech, pharma and academia to exchange ideas and learn about new developments. Speakers include influencers like Leroy Hood and David Haussler who have had a seminal role in the Human Genome Project and who will provide unique perspectives of the future of genomic medicine. Major topics being examined throughout the conference include the application of systems approaches to disease, new frontiers in gene editing, cancer research, big data, molecular diagnostics, precision medicine, rare diseases, data science, human microbiome, point-of-care diagnostics, infectious diseases, and so much more.

All of the breakthrough developments in molecular medicine rely on timely and in-depth research – and that’s where Reprints Desk comes in. Tri-Con is your chance to see first-hand why research-driven organizations around the world rely on Article Galaxy as the most practical, simple, flexible and helpful document delivery solution for fast and legal access to copyrighted journal content! We’ll be demonstrating Article Galaxy 2.0’s newest features, including Gadgets — unique, app-like functions that are going to completely transform your scientific workflow and give you laser-focused productivity. You’ll also get to meet our smart and personable team who can answer all your questions about fast, affordable access to scientific literature.

So, join us in San Francisco at Tri-Con. We’ll be there from February 12-14. We look forward to chatting with you.

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