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November 29, 2018

How Boehringer Ingelheim Accelerates Discovery Research

Posted by: Mitja-Alexander Linss

Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) is an $18 billion pharmaceutical company that invests 20% of its revenues in drug discovery research. Reprints Desk spoke with Karlheinz Spenny and Katrin Clemens, who head-up BI’s Scientific Information Center, about what it takes to provide a vast, global network of knowledge workers with seamless and cost-effective access to scientific literature. 

Here are some key takeaways from the conversation:

CHALLENGE: Boehringer Ingelheim’s Scientific Information Center is responsible for providing the company’s 8,000 knowledge workers—spread out among 145 global branches—with the content they need to advance their research and regulatory activities. Previously, its article procurement processes were disjointed, and the document delivery services it was using were subpar and costly. With usage numbers continuing to increase steadily, BI needed a more efficient solution.

SOLUTION: In an effort to control costs and improve research workflows, the Scientific Information Center envisioned “a lean and centralized knowledge access platform, powered by copyright-compliant document delivery services, that would result in cost savings on a global scale.” To help realize its ambitious vision, BI selected Reprints Desk’s Article Galaxy Research platform.

"There were many important considerations. For example, we wanted to save costs and be more compliant by avoiding duplicate article orders. The Reprints Desk solution includes filters that perform a double check of our holdings and subscriptions, as well as a check for Open Access availability, before procuring a document or article. We spend a lot more money on subscriptions than document delivery, and the filters ensure that we get the most from those investments.”

According to Spenny and Clemens, the solution deployment went off without a hitch, and the transition for users was seamless.

“We did it literally overnight, and we did not hear about a single problem. It was very easy to do. Our scientists also continue to use the databases they like best for literature searches, whether it’s PubMed, Scopus, Google Scholar, or any of the others. The integration with Article Galaxy takes them automatically to the journal we have licensed or to Reprints Desk for document delivery, directly from the order form. It’s fast and simple.”

RESULTS: With Article Galaxy, Boehringer's Scientific Information Center achieved the following milestones:

  • Saved time with on-demand access to 1,000s of articles every month
  • Reduced per-article costs with usage analytics and duplicate order alerts
  • Simplified compliance with centralized article access across the enterprise

Want to know more? Read the full case study here.

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