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April 5, 2018

It’s Here! Article Galaxy 2.0 - Part Two

Posted by: Mitja-Alexander Linss

How Life Science Gadgets Will Take Your Biomolecular Research to a New Level

Last month we introduced you to Article Galaxy 2.0 — the very latest in research intelligence and on-demand research retrieval technology that includes:

  • The ability to pinpoint and utilize exactly the right information found in the zettabytes of data and millions of documents online
  • Broad, easy-to-use content retrieval capabilities
  • Full-text scientific documents in 100% native PDF format
  • 24/7 access to the scientific literature you need

A significant new feature of Article Galaxy 2.0 is Gadgets. In much the same way apps on your devices speed up and automate tasks, Gadgets are user-specific functions that work with input from you to dramatically improve your research capabilities and productivity. With Article Galaxy 2.0, you get access to hundreds of Gadgets and you can even request new Gadgets to meet your specific research needs.

And if you’re used to searching the App Store or Play Store for mobile apps that make your everyday life easier, you’re going to love the Article Galaxy Gadget Store where you can quickly browse, download and immediately begin using Gadgets.

Need a better way to search relevant scientific literature to find, then visualize and analyze protein structures? There’s a Gadget for that!  Always wanted a more useful, automatic adenine-thymine/guanine-cytosine ratio calculator for your molecular biology and genetics research? The Article Galaxy AT/GC Ratio Calculator Gadget provides the most powerful visual representation available to simplify and speed DNA analysis.

Here are a few more examples of our most popular Article Galaxy 2.0 Gadgets:


3D Protein Structure Visualizer Gadget 

  • Quickly search for protein structures in citations using PubMed ID
  • Visualize and enhance protein structures in 3-D
  • Search for articles related to a specific protein structure
  • Search for protein structures given one or multiple PDBIDs
Peptide Sequence Visualizer

Peptide Sequence Visualizer Gadget

  • Paste, fetch or import a DNA sequence
  • Peptide sequences are displayed and colored according to their physicochemical properties, enabling them to be easily visualized and analyzed
Electrophoresis Gel Simulator
Electrophoresis Gel Simulator Gadget
  • Quick and easy way to predict nucleotide electrophoretic gel running in silico
  • Simulates DNA electrophoresis experiments, predicts results
  • Wide range of available molecular size markers

We’ll explore more scientific Gadgets in our next blog post. Until then, read more about Article Galaxy 2.0 by visiting http://info.reprintsdesk.com/the-all-new-article-galaxy-featuring-the-gadget-store, or contact us today to get access to the Gadget Store.

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