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April 20, 2017

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To Upgrade or not to Upgrade.

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Article Galaxy enables full mobile responsiveness across devices for seamless use on smart phones and tablets.


Last week in this space we introduced our newest Article Galaxy release which embodies a host of user experience and functional improvements.

While we might believe that the improvements are powerful and compelling, many people, for reasons good and sometimes not so good, often opt out of migrating to a new software version. We get that. After all, who hasn’t been burned at one point or another by a buggy update? Or how many times have you wished that the software provider would just revert to “the way things used to be?”

That’s why we’re giving our users plenty of time to decide. You can opt out of the migration to the new platform and keep the Article Galaxy dashboard and user interface just as it is: we’ll fully support the current version until September 1, 2017.

That said, at Reprints Desk, we don’t just think of ourselves as a software provider. Rather, we consider ourselves to be a key partner in helping your organization to be as competitive, responsive, and agile as possible. When it comes to your organization’s research activities, nothing is more important than those attributes. And that’s why we’re eager to make Article Galaxy’s newly enhanced features (gadgets, mobile responsiveness, workflow improvement, the new Article Explorer) available to you sooner than later. But aside from all the goodness that the update provides, we also want to help you avoid the downsides that inevitably attend software products that hang around past their shelf life. With that, please join us as we consider three additional concerns that we hope will tip the balance in favor of actively opting in to the latest Article Galaxy version:


  1. Reducing your costs

It’s no secret that older software versions become a cost burden for all concerned. These older applications invariably require more attention, more time to support, and more workarounds. Moreover, because older applications are more difficult to support, delays in diagnosis and resolution can create inefficiencies for users who are just trying to get their jobs done. At some point, both the technical expertise and the supportability of the old software diminishes. In the end, delaying migration to the update proves more costly than a well-planned upgrade. What’s more, newer software versions fix bugs and make other improvements that save users’ time and headaches and, in turn, save money.


  1. Increasing your productivity and efficiencies

When software becomes outdated, issues start to raise their ugly heads. Over time, the old version becomes buggier, slower, and increasingly frustrating—particularly when it no longer plays nice with other tools with which it may have been integrated (software, after all, is a continuously evolving ecosystem). A primary motivation behind new releases is the ongoing effort to streamline the processes that users routinely use, saving them valuable time. But there’s another time factor to consider. For example, not only does the new software improve operational efficiencies, but when supportability is optimized, uptime is maximized. To these and other ends, the new Article Galaxy platform enables greater reliability, faster response times, improved user experience, and full mobile responsiveness across devices for seamless use on smart phones and tablets—all of which contribute to productivity.


  1. Keeping you a step ahead of your competition

While you’re weighing the options in upgrading to the new release, it is likely that your competition has already made the switch. Consequently, they may now be a step ahead. Where such vital tools are concerned, keeping software up to date will not only level the playing field, but actually give your organization a competitive advantage by better enabling it to increase innovation, speed time-to-market, decrease product development costs, and reduce the IT burden in the bargain.


If you’re still on the fence, please call us. We’d like to hear any concerns you may have so that we can work together to ensure your continued success. In the meantime, to learn more, we hope you’ll take a video tour of Article Galaxy’s newest version and discover what new benefits it might bring to your organization.








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