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To Mediate or Not to Mediate

GoingFishing_97841905.jpegKnowledge management is critical to the success of your organization. But like everything else in a successful enterprise, streamlining operations is essential. That goes for managing access to scientific literature, as well.

One way many organizations are accomplishing that goal is by providing a means of unmediated access to journal content. In other words, taking the middle man out of the equation. But does that also mean taking knowledge management out of the loop? Not by a longshot.

If you are a knowledge management professional, then you know that in order for an unmediated access process to work, you need assurances that the system will not be abused. You’d want to know that access is truly authenticated and that all activity is tracked. You’d want complete visibility into all usage, down to the article and the department that ordered it. And you’d be right!

What if all that were possible? If it were, then document delivery services would become routine, automatic, transparent, maybe even invisible. And it would become visible only when it was really necessary. And whenever your mediation or intercession is required, you’d be the first to know.

The point is that the quality of your organization’s access to content shouldn’t be affected by time zones, odd working hours, or geographic locations. Your offices and researchers on the opposite coast or across the ocean work according to their own timescales. That shouldn’t ever be a problem where literature access is concerned. Things should keep running smoothly even when you’ve gone fishing.

We’ve designed our Article Galaxy platform to help you do exactly that. In this system, your users’ document orders are filled automatically and immediately, and always in ways that obey the rules you’ve established. It’ll check all requests against your subscriptions so that you’ll never pay twice for the same content. It’ll surface the availability of Open Access, and even highlight the availability of article rentals. In short, it’ll do everything possible to get quality documents to your users as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible—and always within the parameters that you establish.

And that’s a great comfort when your global offices need library and other knowledge management services and you’re not there. You might be away, but your users won’t know it. That should actually be more comforting than it sounds!


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