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Still Relying on Your University Credentials? Why it Might be Time to Cut the Cord

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If you’re working with a small- to medium-sized biopharma company, and you’ve come to it from academia, then you’re probably accustomed to sourcing your journal articles and other scholarly content through your university alumni account.

In the not-for-profit academic context, most journal publishers permit a fair amount of free full text access and sharing, but once the line is crossed into the for-profit corporate world, all bets are off. In fact, it may come as a surprise that relying on your university access can actually expose your organization to copyright infringement. Besides, such use likely violates your own organization’s governance, risk, and compliance standards.

Of course you want to beat the high cost of access, but there’s substantially more to the equation than just the article cost. For starters, compliance matters. Whether collaborating with peers on research or communicating with an outside medical professional about adverse drug reactions, where published content is concerned, users must be aware of the permissions, limitations, and restrictions of such use, no matter how it may have been acquired. And even when acquired legally, most journal subscriptions cover only a limited number of users.

Notwithstanding, we understand that it’s hard to break the habit of dashing off to the university library in an effort to save money. The problem is that you invariably end up wasting valuable time, spending more (time is money), and getting less (which articles are you not getting?). In the end, these approaches cost more than they save, and they introduce substantial risk in the bargain.

One corporate librarian we spoke with in a Top 10 pharmaceutical firm noted, “Our users ordering journal articles through on-demand research retrieval must indicate their intended use, whether it is for their own use, or if they intend to share it with a colleague, or are fulfilling a request by a medical professional. We pay the copyright fee based on which radio button they push. It takes all the guesswork out of the equation and also maintains auditable compliance.”

Acquiring scholarly content through an efficient, copyright-compliant docdel service provider—and one that also provides special discounts for companies like yours—can actually help your R&D efforts to be more efficient, effective, and ultimately more profitable while also maintaining good corporate citizenship. It’s also a lot more convenient. By combining deep publisher relationships, a strong library network, and other content partners, we routinely achieve a 99% on-time fulfilment rate. We process orders 24 hours a day so articles arrive quickly no matter what time of day you order—right from your desk or mobile device.

We’d love to show you how linking your discovery process directly to the delivery of content can improve your operations all around. Our services-augmented research retrieval platform comprises a workflow management solution that enables the most efficient, compliant, and cost-effective use of literature resources. And it will also keep you out of any potential hot water!

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