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One Size Fits None!

One size fits all

A recent story posted on Buzzfeed offered a humorous take on what “one size fits all” actually looks like. And no, it’s not pretty. Why, then, do so many businesses—including technology solution providers—adopt such an approach to their products? Perhaps it has more to do with serving their business models than serving their customers.

Like you, we take issue with that idea. At Reprints Desk, we also provide technology platform solutions, but we don’t push a single solution into which we expect all our customers to fit. Rather, we work to conform to your ways of working. To this end, we work with our customers to handcraft custom, highly scalable workflows according to specific needs and ways of doing business. In short, we believe that you should have precisely the knowledge management system you need—no more, no less—and that it should be supported by a remarkable commitment to customer service.

 More often than not, that means working within your existing frameworks. It’s our unique process that gets us there, and in the process, we both learn a lot. We can help identify the choke points in a workflow, spot the opportunities for improvement, and even expose nodes that might be eliminated altogether. Our process can determine the most efficient ways of navigating the ins and outs of your particular workflows and engagement models and procedures, whether they involve departmental or project-based charge-backs, essential integrations, special requirements for user authentication, desired interfaces and user experiences—whatever is needed.

 Whether you seek an end-to-end solution or just need to offload discrete document delivery tasks to offset staff shortages, chances are we can help you become more productive—and back up your quest for “just right” solutions that will keep your users happy. Even if we have to take in a little here or let out a little there.


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