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February 16, 2017

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Making Smarter Docdel Purchase Decisions Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

How many times have you purchased an article or other content that turns out to disappoint? Does it really have to be so hit and miss? Certainly the availability of article rentals helps mitigate some of that risk, but more pre-purchase information would be an even bigger help.

The usual metrics that researchers turn to in sizing up peer-reviewed literature (impact factors, h-index, citation counts, etc.) are invaluable, but unfortunately, they don’t provide the whole picture. For example, a reference might praise a work or, in as many as a quarter of the citations, it might actually be critical of the work!

Altmetric data to the rescue. 

Taken together with the traditional metrics, altmetrics round out the picture on published research with measures of influence and engagement outside of academia. These are metrics that track activity in discussion forums, social media, mentions in blogs, inclusion in public policy documents, as well as pick up in mainstream media, summing them all up into a single “score” that indicates the amount of attention the published research has received. Pretty cool.


Now Reprints Desk has made things even easier by enabling Altmetric badges on scholarly content viewed via the Article Galaxy Widget, putting real-time attention metrics where it matters most: at the point of discovery. And that, of course, makes for smarter document purchase decisions.


Learn more about the Altmetric integration with Article Galaxy Widget here.


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