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October 12, 2017

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Life Science Research: The Ultra-Personalized Research Workflow

Posted by: Peter Derycz



In recent discussions with life science researchers, I have been struck by how complex their jobs are. Dedicated to finding new ways to improve the human condition through technology and science, the men and women who chose this profession all seem to have a special drive and an immense amount of patience.

Lately though, when I’ve asked researchers about their workflow challenges, I am hearing that getting access to exactly the right scholarly articles from the tens of millions of choices can be overwhelming, if not prohibitive, to innovative research methodologies and the ability to bring new products to market.

Many researchers and scientists enter the industry from academic environments with almost unlimited access to research tools, systems, and content access whereas most corporations have more limited knowledge management budgets. Consequently, corporate researchers may resort to inefficient, manual, and sometimes not entirely legal methods to get access to the crucial scientific content. It is simply too expensive to duplicate the academic research environment in the corporate world.

Until now. Just as internet search technology increases the awareness of the massive amount of available scientific data, new knowledge management technology is finally making access to the right data time- and cost-effective.

There is a remarkable scientific research revolution underway: technology that facilitates highly-personalized research workflows is being developed and will soon become mainstream. Far more valuable than simply presenting information, personalized access tools will help the researcher make the best of available content by pinpointing to what’s important.

Personalization will dramatically improve the way researchers in all fields are able to work — and the revolution can’t begin soon enough.

If you would like to learn about our vision for personalized research workflows – read more about what research and advisory firm Outsell has to say about the latest version of our Article Galaxy research platform.


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