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April 13, 2017

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Everything you love about Article Galaxy just got better, faster, and easier.

In our frequent conversations with customers, we routinely hear a recurring theme when it comes to what they like most about Reprints Desk. And the sentiments can be summed up in just four words: fast, easy, flexible, and cost-effective. That’s music to our ears, because those are the very attributes we constantly strive to deliver in both our platforms and services.

In order to maintain that kind of performance, though, both the platform and the services must continue to evolve. On the flip side, with respect to those four magic qualities, the more things change, the more things stay the same: every change we make is with a singular view to enhancing one or all of those four traits that you’ve come to expect from Reprints Desk.


Reprints Desk's Protein Viewer Gadget Extracts 3-D Protein Structures From Any Citation

Sometimes evolution comes in small, incremental, almost imperceptible steps. And sometimes it comes in Cambrian explosions! Article Galaxy 1.5, our new release, is more in line with the latter. In fact, it’s not unlike the evolutionary step function that we witnessed ten years ago with the introduction of the iPhone. Its intuitive user interface, driven by apps represented as gadgets on a touchscreen, changed everything.about how humans interact with technology. And that’s exactly where we’re headed with Article Galaxy 1.5. In this new release, we are introducing our concept of “gadgetology”—an integrated system of apps that promises to make every user experience with content research and acquisition even easier, faster, more flexible—and more cost-effective, too.

We’re pretty excited about it, and believe you will be too when you are able to get your hands on it.

In the process, we’ve made a host of improvements to the user interface, streamlined order forms and history, simplified navigation, clarified re-use rights, opened up access options, integrated Altmetric scores, upgraded bibliographic functions, and even added new scientific gadgets, including, for example, our novel 3D protein viewer. And, of course, we’ve also made everything mobile-friendly. Gadgets help there, too.

Want to check it out? Give us a shout and we’ll be delighted to walk you through it. You can also find more resources, including videos, FAQS, and presentations, on the Article Galaxy resources page or read the press relase.

Change is good.

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