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24/7 Customer Service—The Real Deal or Fake?

iStock-471093278.jpgA recent USDA study of hundreds of organic products exposed a dirty little secret: more than 40 percent of those so-called organic products actually tested positive for pesticides. A lot of growers claim to be organic, but are they really?

Likewise, many companies claim to provide 24/7 customer service. Do they really? It’s a good thing for a good number of them that such claims don’t require certification, because they’d likely fail the test. So what, then, does 24/7 really mean? Well, taken at face value, it means service that is available any time of day, seven days a week. In other words, round-the-clock.

Some take that to mean that since a website is up 24/7—even if unattended by any staff—and anyone can fill out a contact form at any time, then voila, they can claim to be a 24/7 service provider! Or maybe you get what appears to be a real person who shows up in an interactive chat box, but in reality, it’s just a bot. Does that count?

We don’t think so. At Reprints Desk, we strive to deliver a brand of 24/7 support that also connects you with a real person who will work hard to help you with your needs, whether it’s finding an elusive document, adding a service, or troubleshooting a configuration. That’s because we take 24/7 customer service both seriously and literally. And organically, too!

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