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Goodbye Google Reader. Hello Bibliogo.

Posted by Ian Palmer on Wed, Mar 20, 2013 @ 03:01 PM

In case you missed the news last week (Google Reader Blog: Powering Down Google Reader), the scientific world is scrambling to find an alternative RSS reader rather than return to the days of overloaded email inboxes bombarded by journal table of contents (TOCs) and saved search alerts from PubMed and other sources.

While there are a number of generic RSS readers that many Google Reader™ feed reader  users are migrating to, those in specialized fields (eg scientists, engineers, etc.) may want to use this opportunity to seek out specialized RSS readers such as Bibliogo, the free RSS reader for science and technology from Reprints Desk.

(This brief video tutorial walks you through how to import RSS feeds into Bibliogo from Reprints Desk. The file to import is entitled 'subscriptions.xml')

Bibliogo features a simple user interface with powerful tools for users including: 

  • Easy importing of existing feeds from Google Reader™ feed reader & directly from the native PubMed interface
  • Tools for aggregating, monitoring, and curating journal article feeds from table of contents (TOCs), search tools like PubMed, blogs and any online resource with an RSS or Atom feed.
  • A directory of more than 14,000 journal titles for rapid importing of TOC alert feeds
  • Time-saving multi-task features
  • And much more

Here's one blog post from the Science 2.0 website that we were alerted to, which summed up part of the value proposition for Bibliogo, which is a mash-up of an RSS Reader, a reference management system, paper acquisition services and more:
How About Adding a RSS Reader in Reference Management Software? 

There are undoubtedly other specialized RSS readers, so whatever alternative you seek or pursue, we wish you luck in your search and encourage you to contact us here at Reprints Desk if there is any way we can help.


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