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10 Ways to Make Article Galaxy Your Own

Posted by Ian Palmer on Thu, Dec 06, 2012 @ 09:29 PM

With new functionality that we've just released in Article Galaxy, our system for streamlined literature access, customers like you can now customize the buttons that show on the dashboard user interface (UI).

custom literature dashboard

So whether your end user colleagues are researchers, medical affairs professionals, engineers or brand managers, you can now surface the resources that matter most to them - and within their workflow!

Here are 10 sample dashboard button ideas for how you can put this new functionality to work:

  1. A-Z list
  2. Copyright FAQs
  3. Current awareness tools (like Bibliogo)
  4. Free resources
  5. Internal library staff
  6. Publisher websites or journals
  7. Reference & document management systems (like Bibliogo)
  8. Reprint services - internal or external
  9. Search tools
  10. User surveys

Have additional ideas for this list?
We'd love to hear them! Simply post a comment below. 

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