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Article Galaxy helps scholarly publishers like you to expand access to your content and maximize revenue opportunities by providing knowledge workers in organizational research settings worldwide with a better way through the paywall.

By meeting users’ evolving needs for convenient content access – where, when, and how they need it – Article Galaxy helps users and their organizations do the right thing when it comes to legally accessing your copyrighted content.

Article Galaxy supports corporate research-driven organizations with their need for cross-publisher access to scholarly literature, and provides an alternative to Interlibrary Loan (ILL) for academic and government libraries.

Article Galaxy is a workflow tool that recognizes customer subscription holdings and re-directs them to their subscriptions when appropriate.  For us, a link-out to a subscribed title is as satisfactory an order resolution as a document delivery order.  Regular customer reports help library customers determine when it is more advantageous to subscribe rather than access content via document delivery.

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