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Article Galaxy provides large research-driven enterprises like yours with a document delivery solution that is robust, scalable, secure and always on – the very attributes you want powering your organization’s access to scholarly journal content.  Available out-of-the-box or configured to meet specific needs, only Article Galaxy has the flexibility to enable the solution design you want with uncompromising performance and customer service that you demand.

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Article Galaxy is an enterprise-class application designed to be robust, scalable, stable, and secure. It leverages the just-right combination of technologies, processes, and people to meet the most demanding knowledge access challenges.


Web services allows you to realize a best-of-breed knowledge access solution that preserves, integrates with, and extends the value of your existing investments.


Article Galaxy is modular, configurable, and flexible in the extreme. Unlike one-size-fits-all alternatives, Article Galaxy was designed to fit your ways of working—across all your departments, divisions, and functions.

Yet United

Article Galaxy provides the flexibility to deploy globally across disparate units, but with the power to bring it all together with unprecedented control and visibility, ensuring the most efficient and cost-effective knowledge delivery solution possible.

Class Support

Article Galaxy means you’ll always experience high-touch expertise in every occasion for customer service and support. Your users will enjoy instant, on-demand access 24/7 to any article, delivered with the highest standard of quality, and invoiced according to agreed upon specifications.

"The other thing I like about RD is their availability to embed into our workflows rather than forcing us to accommodate their workflows….it has been the easiest and most successful outsourcing I’ve done."
—William Hayes, CTO at Selventa and former Director of Decision Support and Director of Library & Literature Informatics at Biogen Idec

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