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Introducing Article Galaxy Widget

Article Galaxy Widget is a researcher's dream come true. The tool extracts citation lists from your preferred search and discovery environment for easy viewing and filtering.



Accessible via any Internet browser, Article Galaxy Widget simplifies lowest cost access to full-text scholarly papers via PubMed, Google Scholar, and more than 50 popular search and discovery tools.

Full-text acquisition options include:

  • Organizational journal subscriptions
  • Open Access articles
  • Article rentals (for corporate users)
  • Plus the ability to easily submit pay-per-view ("document delivery") article purchases for non-subscribed journal articles for delivery within minutes to hours.  

Other features include multi-article handling, "more like this" article identification, interoperability with any web page, integration with popular reference management systems and more.


List Of Confirmed Article Galaxy Widget Sites:

While Article Galaxy Widget is interoperable with any web page, here's a partial list of 50+ websites/tools that have been successfully tested with Article Galaxy Widget:



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The Ultimate Sophistication: Reprints Desk Launches its Article Galaxy Widget, created by independent research and advisory firm Outsell, Inc.

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Article Galaxy Widget is designed for users under an ORGANIZATIONAL account - eg academic institution, corporation, research institute, etc., that has pre-authorized article purchasing.
A designated Article Galaxy account administrator at your organization will be notified to authorize activation. If your organization doesn't have an Article Galaxy account, then we will attempt to identify and contact the appropriate group on your behalf.

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