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It's Here.
Article Galaxy 2.0.

Featuring The Gadget Store.

What’s in It For You?

The All New Article Galaxy is here. Featuring a responsive mobile design across devices, Article Galaxy's newest version takes Reprints Desk's ecosystem of gadgets for personal data augmentation of content to the next level. Gadgets can be individually customized on three tabs and fully extended across the screen. And we have made it easier than ever before to order documents from anywhere inside the system - no detour to the order form needed.

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What's The Gadget Store?

The Gadget Store works just like an app store. It's your library of gadgets - powerful apps for science designed to personalize your user experience and securely gather the data you need for your research task at hand. In the Gadget Store you can:

  • Search gadgets by keyword or browse popular gadget categories
  • Instantly add gadgets to your personal dashboard
  • Subscribe to TOC feed of more than 19,000 popular scientific journals

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Have A Gadget Idea?

We can gadgetize any of your specific
research needs and would like the chance to build custom gadgets based on your research objectives.


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