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The new Article Galaxy.

Better DocDel, Gadgets & More.


What’s New in Article Galaxy?

Reprints Desk recently introduced Article Galaxy 1.5. It features a redesigned interface including new online article order forms and improved order history, enabling you to search, browse and download PDFs - all in one place. New features include full mobile responsiveness for convenient viewing of order forms on your smart phones and tablets.

The most exciting addition is an ecosystem of fully customizable gadgets - powerful apps that can extract and interact with data, much like mobile apps.

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What Are Gadgets?

Big Data Meets Science. Gadgets are revolutionizing the way scientific research is done - just like the first smart phone revolutionized personal computing.

Gadgets are powerful apps capable of performing a particular function. They enhance and securely gather data from a variety of sources, such as bibliographic information, TOC and RSS feeds, PDF files, web content, and more. Gadgets are fully customizable and can be moved anywhere on the screen, or hidden if needed.

Video: Watch the Protein Viewer Gadget extract 3-D protein structures from any citation:


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