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One-Stop Shopping
for Scholarly Research

Featuring a 24/7 ‘any article, any publisher, any quantity’ fulfillment model. For research applications, Article Galaxy supports 100% electronic PDF delivery of:

  • Published articles & supplementary materials
  • Papers from conference proceedings
  • Technical reports
  • Dissertations
  • Government reports
  • Book chapters
  • And more

Full-Text Access via Subscriptions,
PPV Tokens, Purchases, and Rentals

Let Article Galaxy identify the legal lowest-cost acquisition sources and quickly deliver full-text access for subscription, Open Access content, pay-per-view (PPV) publisher tokens, document delivery and rentals.

Multiple Point-of-Purchase Options

Order using the Article Galaxy online platform, via email, with APIs to connect a Sharepoint or Intranet-enabled webpage, from search results and abstract pages within integrated discovery tools, and through 3rd party literature management solutions like QUOSA and EndNote.


Mobile, SMS, and
Multi-App Enabled

Featuring SMS-compatibility and a mobile-friendly login, product user interface, and help desk, our mobile solution avoids the multitude of compatibility and stability issues that arise from app-based solutions that can also drain IT resources.

Lowest Cost Article
Acquisition Filtering

Article Galaxy’s cost-saving algorithms enable the identification of the most advantageous licensing option, followed by ultra-rapid access to subscription content, Open Access content, publisher pay-per-view tokens, print collection content, and previously purchased articles when sufficient rights exist. Article Galaxy is also able to identify content with special copyright royalty rates for academic institutions and government agencies.


Single, Batch &
Special Order Processing

Submit any number of article requests in the way that you prefer and we’ll deliver them back fast and also to preference.

Want to submit batches online or by email without strict formatting requirements?  No problem.  Need a single link to download filled batches? Article Galaxy has you covered.  Require special formatting for eCTD regulatory submissions or file naming for litigation or patent filing preparations? Article Galaxy can handle it.

Quick Downloads for
Subscription and DocDel Fills

In 2015, Article Galaxy pioneered another breakthrough in document delivery with quick “in browser” access to full-text articles immediately after an order is submitted online.  This breakthrough blurs the line between content access experiences based on how content access is licensed.


Quality Customer Support 24/7

Get help when you need it with fast responses and resolution around the clock.  Document delivery is a demanding, high touch business and Article Galaxy was designed with this in mind, featuring:

  • Around the clock support online, by email and via telephone
  • A browsable and searchable knowledge base with FAQs, video tutorials, documentation and more
  • A suggestion box for users and admins to suggest, view and vote on new services and features
  • Satisfaction ratings to let us know when you’re happy and when you’re not so we can ensure we’re delivering happiness and improving every day

Bibliogo Add-On for Alerting, Collaboration & Reference Management

A mashup of aggregated saved search and table of contents feeds, literature alerting, multi-tasking tools for accessing and managing references and full-text papers, secure collaboration, and much more.