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Article Galaxy is an award-winning document delivery platform that is unrivaled in its ability to conform to customer needs.  It is the most practical, simple, flexible and helpful solution for STM content acquisition and access, continuously setting new standards for performance.

If you are like many, you’re finding that information services budgets are shrinking, just as the demands for content are expanding in both scope and complexity. Articles are expensive, and naturally you want to maximize the value of your content spend. What’s more, you’re looking for value above and beyond transaction costs in the form of outstanding performance and special services.

Just as a one-size solution doesn’t fit all; neither does a single pricing scheme. Different groups have different perspectives on cost, depending on the objectives and conditions of the content acquisition, whether it is in support of a large project or done on an ad hoc basis; whether copyright costs are capped, absorbed, charged to specific departments, or flow through to your clients. In any case, you need a quick, easy, and reliable means of estimating, monitoring, and controlling costs—and with maximum transparency.

  • All utility, no futility. Just the solution you need – no more, no less.
  • 24/7 ordering and delivery with ultra-rapid turnaround speed – and not just for the easy e-sourceable stuff.
  • No extra fees for rush, clean copy, color, orders by email, or to cancel an unfilled order.
  • 100% electronic delivery, all with plug-in free PDFs to ensure users can open and search purchased content.
  • Maximum value by enacting lowest cost acquisition filtering – even for Open Access (OA) content at the article level.
  • Transparent pricing: no hidden, inaccurate, or bundled copyright costs.
  • Better content acquisition spending through our data-driven decision support capabilities.
  • Data security and privacy through infrastructure and transaction-level safeguards, business processes, user authentication, and more.