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Reprints Desk will Deliver Single Articles from Karger

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 22, 2007 -- Reprints Desk announced today that medical and scientific publisher Karger has signed an agreement that enables Reprints Desk to deliver PDFs of individual journal articles from the over 70 titles published by the Swiss publisher.

"At Karger, we appreciate the fact that Reprints Desk effectively implements a clearly defined corporate strategy of providing customers with information efficiently and affordably. We think our clients value this competent method of document retrieval as well," said Steven Karger, CEO, Karger Publishers.

"We are very pleased to include Karger in our list of publisher sources," said Jan Peterson, Head of Publisher Relations for Reprints Desk. "Karger publishes some significant titles that are important to our biopharmaceutical customer base, and we enjoy a productive relationship with the Karger staff."

Reprints Desk provides full-service article delivery that allows customers to order published articles via the means that works best for them. Reprints Desk's article delivery service is an enterprise alternative to individual credit card purchases of articles, and can be integrated with existing databases and online subscriptions. The Reprints Desk service provides access to both online journals and physical library collections. Articles are delivered in their original format and color, either as a PDF or a professionally printed hardcopy, with no extra charge for color. Reprints Desk provides fast turn-around and integrated data management and reporting capabilities.