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Does Accessing Scientific Literature Feel At Times Like Scaling a Mountain?

Posted by Mitja-Alexander Linss on December 19, 2016

Mountain climbing is not only hard, but dangerous, what with hazards like rockfall, avalanches, and weather, to say nothing of equipment failure and falls due to fatigue, bad technique, or just inattention. Successfully navigating a challenging mountain takes skill, experience, the right equipment—and most importantly, a competent guide. Especially when the terrain is difficult or unfamiliar. That guide will make all the difference in the climbing experience with detailed knowledge of the routes and conditions, as well as the proper use of tools like ice axes, crampons, rope, anchors, beacons and other safety gear.

Scientific research may not exactly be quite the life-endangering activity that mountain climbing is, but it does come with its own set of hazards—hazards that often require the use of an experienced guide, and certainly the right tools. The fact is, when it comes to the scientific literature that fuels researchers’ work, getting what you want—when, where, and how you want it—can be a real pain. For example, busting the budget on expensive subscription access is as easy as falling. Likewise, the importance of slashing document delivery time from days to minutes can be like beating an advancing weather front. You get the idea.

And just like a good climb plan, proper research workflows are key to helping all parties involved to become more productive: workflows that link your discovery process to the delivery of content, as well as those that manage the logistical hoops through which a document must pass on its way to your desk (or screen). 

Acquring Scientific Content Image.png

Now, imagine making issues involving access authorization, subscription management, and copyright compliance—just a few more of the hazards encountered on a daily basis—disappear. It’s actually possible. In fact, we do it every day. And you can, too. That’s why we created this concise guide to getting around the obstacles that stand between you and the information your organization needs. In that sense, this little guide is the next best thing to taking a tram up the face of your research mountain! And if the view from the summit is what makes it all worthwhile, why not make getting there a little easier?

Read the guide to making content acqusition easy.

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