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Reprints Desk coming of age…. thanks to you!

Posted by Peter Derycz on April 21, 2015

Dear friends (aka: customers, partners and colleagues)

If you can read this, then all is well in Internetland and our new/improved website is up and running! :D

We hope that you find our new website to be just like our document delivery platform Article Galaxy: Practical, Simple, Flexible and Helpful.

There’s more and better information on our new website, this will hopefully help you stay informed of what we do and how we can help our customers and prospective customers like you to access and manage scholarly journal content. We tried to keep it simple, up-close and personal. In the end, neither we nor our customers are simply corporations, we’re all human, and as such the website is not about how Google can best index us, but rather how we can best communicate amongst humans. Consider what we do, and what we’ll always do, as a two-way conversation between our team and our customers. That’s who we are, a team of dedicated experts helping our customers achieve their mission. The more we are able to chip-in and help our customers, the better of a team we become.

We are hopeful that the new website can effectively communicate the steady stream of improvements we are making to our organization and our technology. As many of our customers know, we are the new kids on the block in the information industry, but we’re rapidly coming of age thanks to the incredible customer adoption we’ve had. We continue to add one to two new customers per day, and more often than not, they are referred to us by existing customers. How cool is that? I’m sure we’re not just getting referrals because we’re friendly (which we very much are), but because our entire team is dedicated and knowledgeable and we have the best technology (Article Galaxy) out there, hands down!

We’re pretty excited about all of this, and as a team, we want to extend a big “thank you” to all of our customers. We need you and we want you and we’re going to thank you not just with words, but with improved systems and service offerings. We’ve got some great things coming your way, from an enhanced ordering system to article rentals, as well as citation management tools like you’ve never imagined. We want to make your lives easy.

I personally remember all those years running up and down the stacks of the UCLA libraries and sweating away at the photocopy machine making article copies for customers that didn’t have the time to go do it themselves. Life was simple in those days, and every article was on a shelf in one location, the number of scientific journals seemed limited. When the Internet appeared, we thought things would actually get easier, but they seem just to have gotten more complex. A seemingly unlimited amount of articles and journals seem to be appearing and they’re everywhere in all sorts of formats. Open Access, hybrid journals, paywalls, cloud, the deep Web, repositories, DOIs, pre-prints, supplementary materials…… isn’t so simple anymore and the amount of time we have available to go information hunting in the information jungle seems to have shrunk.

It’s due to this complexity that we humbly aspire to be Practical, Simple, Flexible, and Helpful. That’s who we strive to be, that’s what drives Article Galaxy’s philosophy, and that’s what we want this new website to be. If it’s not, well, you can let me know via a comment to this blog or simply by sending me an email or giving me a call. I’m always available.

Your friend,


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