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The Cloud Above the Clouds: Ensuring End User Happiness

Posted by Ian Palmer on July 6, 2012

Peter Derycz, our CEO here at Reprints Desk and one of the 100 most inspiring people in the Pharma industry according to PharmaVoice magazine readers, is honored to be present on behalf of the IT Division at the 2012 Special Libraries Association (SLA) in Chicago this year.  

If you'll be there, then we hope you'll be able to make it to his presentation on Monday, July 16 at 4pm CT.  If not, we hope you'll check back soon afterwards to view his slide deck as he'll be addressing an often overlooked aspect in the current dialogue around cloud computing: end user happiness. 

His presentation, entitled 'The Cloud Above the Clouds: Ensuring End User Happiness' will address what companies (online and offline!) like Zappos, Zingerman's, ZenDesk and Reprints Desk already matter what your product is, your business is only as good and healthy as the service you provide to customers.

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At Reprints Desk, we live this everyday and believe that we're pioneering a new model for satisfaction within the information industry. And we're excited to share our view on this important topic and a little about how we help our customer administrators by providing a 'cloud above the cloud' to ensure their end users in scientific research, engineering and other fields are being satisfied by their document delivery supplier (that's us!). 

So until the presentation slides are available, here's our working abstract - we hope you enjoy the read and will return soon to review and share your thoughts on Peter's presentation:


Despite being overhyped, misappropriated and misunderstood, cloud computing is changing everything from library information services to personal computing. As many technology suppliers peddle their wares to you and tout the attractiveness of “being in the cloud,” a critical part of the discussion is missing – ensuring end user happiness. This presentation will focus on how information management professionals can evaluate the impact of cloud-based solutions on end user satisfaction and will provide a (document delivery) case study for building a ‘cloud above the clouds’ to ensure visibility into end users’ interactions with suppliers.


Thanks to all who attended our SLA IT division presentation - we hope you find the slides useful as well. Please let us know what YOU think!


The Cloud Above the Clouds: Ensuring End User Happiness (a document delivery case study) from Ian Palmer

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