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Speeding Up PubMed-to-Papers Time

Posted by Ian Palmer on January 13, 2012

After an early morning email exchange with a discovery professional at Pharma company in Europe, I realized we'd not yet publically summarized all the ways Reprints Desk's Article Galaxy can speed up retrieval times for the PubMed-to-Full Text Paper workflow.

So here's a Friday afternoon post to outline the 3 ways Reprints Desk currently enhances research productivity with PubMed:

1) Start your pubmed searches using this URL (eg bookmarked inside of your browser). This will enable you to see the 'Get Article from Reprints Desk' icon. When clicked from an abstract page, it will auto-populate the citation in Reprints Desk's single article document delivery form. 

ReprintsDesk inPubMed

2) Use the ‘Search PubMed’ button in the new Article Galaxy user dashboard. This removes any need to remember the URL or to add a new bookmark to your browser. Clicking this will take you to PubMed and ensure that the "Get Article from Reprints Desk" bookmarklet appears in the user interface as outlined in the screenshot previously presented.

search pubmed

3) Or for something new - you can activate Bibliogo (free to individuals) to multitask:

  • Import, save and manage multiple citations
  • View price estimates and place multiple document delivery article orders all at once
  • Import, monitor, share and order from saved search alerts


Here are a few final screenshots:

1 sendtobibliogo


2 multitask

3 orderarticlesbatchpubmed

As an existing Reprints Desk customer or a prospective new one, we hope you find this information useful and we welcome your feedback.

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