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Document Delivery via Web Services

Posted by Ian Palmer on April 25, 2012

Some of the latest innovations and advances in document delivery from Reprints Desk and other information industry suppliers are attractive, but they aren't for every organization.Depending on what your document delivery objectives are as a library, information center, or medical information group, a web services approach may be a service configuration you'll want to seriously consider. This configuration represents one way to speed up scientific research for those who just want the fastest path to high value information.

So what is web services?

Web services is standards-based, non-proprietary, and compatible with numerous operating systems and programming languages. The technology standard does not require the use of browsers or HTML, nor is it tied to a single type of operating system or programming language, meaning that systems can communicate regardless of technical similarities or differences.

Why do Reprints Desk clients use web services?

Many Reprints Desk clients use web services today to customize their document delivery service configurations – from user authentication and order form look-and-feel, to advanced reporting data and easier access for researchers and other end users.

How does web services-enabled document delivery work?

User requests are submitted via a client-hosted order form (often on a corporate Intranet), intercepted in the background, then sent to Reprints Desk. They are processed by the Reprints Desk system, which sends back a reply to your system. Your system receives the reply, which can then be customized by your IT before displaying to the end user. Since requests are intercepted, users can be authenticated before requests are sent to Reprints Desk. In most cases, the user does not even need to know that Reprints Desk is involved.

What are the business & IT benefits?

  • Interfaces can be customized to suit your needs, and have your corporate look and feel
  • No need to coordinate with other systems when employees stop working for you
  • Ties in with your authentication model
  • Reduced impact from future service changes or transitions
  • Simplifies document delivery chargebacks through better cost center data capture

What are the user benefits?

  • Saves time for users who do not need to manually provide corporate-mandated information for each order
  • Improves usage and minimizes support needs by not having to learn another system and remember another login
  • Increases overall satisfaction

We hope you find this Article Blog update useful and would love to hear from you about your experiences or current considerations. 

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