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Can medical reprints finally work for Pharma use on HCP portals & iPads?

Posted by Peter Derycz on May 7, 2012


There’s no doubt about it, the Pharmaceutical Industry is re-tooling their sales forces and marketing initiatives around iPads, and there are certainly other tablet computing devices coming down the pipeline.  

Now that those iPads have been bought, what next?  

They certainly were bought to be used and there is good reason to buy them.  So far, we’ve seen a lot of experimentation going with CRM tools, content, and a myriad of custom apps that various product, sales and marketing groups have rolled out and are currently experimenting with.

In our role as an aggregator of clinical reprints for the Pharma industry, Reprints Desk has witnessed quite a bit of trouble transitioning the ever present clinical reprint to the electronic realm, more specifically to the mobile realm. 

Problems typically revolve around technological limitations for controlled distribution of copyrighted materials, but also dealing with publishers whose business models are based on selling paper reprints.  After all, in the “paper-only” days, you simply ordered, let’s say, 50,000 reprints and they would get delivered to you and you’d pay a price per unit.  You just had to get them to your storage/logistics center or to your sales reps and conferences.  

But now, throw your iPads into the mix and you’ve just made the problem a whole lot more complicated.  Your organization still likely needs good old paper reprints (depending on the market, product or region your dealing with), but now you also need an unknown quantity of “ePrints” or “iPrints” for a growing installed base of iPads.

It turns out that, contrary to the certainty of the paper reprints, there is still a whole lot of uncertainty surrounding electronic reprints.  At the point of wanting to acquire electronic reprints, you may not know how many devices the reprints will end up on, or how many times they were used.  Additionally, it’s likely you don’t have a mechanism in place to control or count the electronic distribution.  That creates a problem for you and for the rights holder who owns the copyright to the reprints you’re attempting to distribute.

Is a migration of reprints to eprints on iPads possible for Pharma, Medical Devices and other Life Science companies?  Or is it a dream that may only come partially true?

We’d love to hear from you and encourage you to also check out our newest ePrint innovation announcement ‘Medical Reprints Deployment on iPads and Websites Made Easier with New ePrints Mobile-Web App from Reprints Desk.’

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