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Letting the Power of Social Media Work for Your Library

Posted by Jim Rochford on February 7, 2011

Now that the novelty of social media is fading, it is time to focus what social media can do for you, your library and your organization. Social media tools are unique. They enable you to connect, to share information and to collaborate. They enable you to do something powerful – build a community. You can use that power to market your library and to provide value to your organization.

social media tools for your library

Why is building a community through social tools important to you? By using these tools, you are positioning yourself and your library as thought leader. You are embracing leading-edge communication tools. In addition:

Connecting - you can communicate with your community on individual basis rather than a broadcast basis.

Timing – social media tools allow you to share information in real time rather than scheduled intervals.

Marketing – you’re not taking out an ad, you’re part of the conversation. By having a dialog with the community, you are able to anticipate their information needs. You are demonstrating that you deliver value rather than saying that you deliver value.

Social media is a powerful tool. It is essential for the growth of your library. Discover how social media can work for you.  

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