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The Bibliogo-Article Shelf Connection

Posted by Ian Palmer on December 2, 2011

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With the recent launch of Bibliogo, we've been asked a lot lately "What's the connection between Bibliogo and Article Shelf?"

We have the answer to this question that inquiring minds want to know. But first, let us take a moment to (re-)introduce Bibliogo and Article Shelf.

Bibliogo is our new journal article web app that helps you do more with scientific, technical and medical (STM) papers.

Article Shelf is the solution we introduce customers to when they tell us they need an article archive, repository or product literature database solution. We like to think of Article Shelf as the least expensive and easiest-to-implement citation matching and rights-managed article sharing service on the market for companies with unmediated document delivery workflows.

Now the answer to the question "What's the connection between Bibliogo and Article Shelf?" is simple: they can work together or independently. Reprints Desk customers can implement Bibliogo alone, Article Shelf alone or both together.

Here's some additional information we hope you find useful:


  • Sharing of PDFs purchased from Reprints Desk is only available at the bibliography workgroup level and only for customers who sign an agreement confirming that they have a Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) or some other reproduction rights organization license that provides them with rights for internal workgroup sharing of journal articles.
  • If such a customer orders an article from a bibliography in Bibliogo and the delivery address for the order belongs to one of the bibliography members, the PDF gets delivered into Bibliogo, and a permanent link to open the PDF is made available in Bibliogo to all workgroup members.
  • Articles for delivery outside of a Bibliogo workgroup, say to a physician, must be purchased before sending.


  • Article Shelf requires customers to have a rights management solution appropriate for their account configuration (for example, a CCC license with RightSphere or other appropriate publisher agreements may be required depending on the intended use).
  • Article Shelf attempts to match all new orders, regardless of order method (Bibliogo, order form, email, phone, etc.), against articles the workgroup already owns or has access to.
  • Customers pay a service fee for every order filled via Article Shelf. Customers pay a royalty fee in addition to the service fee when the user doesn’t have rights to the article.


  • Customers get the convenience of instant access to purchased articles within small Bibliogo workgroups as well as a blanket cost-savings measure for all new orders.


Visit the Copyright Clearance Center website at One particular FAQ you may want to check out this one: Does an Annual Copyright License allow me to do anything I want with copyrighted material?

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