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Posted by Ian Palmer on January 23, 2011

Today we're launching our first ever blog. You could say we're jumping on the bandwagon, or the blog-wagon. We like to think of this as an all new article-wagon.

At Reprints Desk we spend countless hours working with our customers and our partners to solve the challenges they face related to:

  • Copyright-compliant use of peer-reviewed scientific, technical and medical (STM) articles

  • Document delivery for research

  • Clinical reprints for sales, marketing, and medical information

Our goal is not simply to sell more of what we have today but, to figure out the next step in making content investments more valuable and making content usage more efficient for clients and partners. This requires understanding every article nuance from the consumer and publisher sides. It also requires taking fresh, "blue sky" approaches to long-standing challenges.

Each interaction is critical to understanding the outcomes that affect us all. Our goal in launching this blog is to make this a shared and transparent journey. We hope you will join us at Reprints Desk as a participant in the conversation, as an advocate and as a customer or partner. Our commitment to you is to make it worth the time and the attention you invest.

Join the conversation. Let us know what article-related issues are on your mind.

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