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Tax Day for Information Center Management

Posted by Ian Palmer on April 21, 2011

In case it somehow slipped your mind, today, April 18, is tax day in the United States. Like tax days around the world, an accounting of your finances and your payments are due.

For this reason, Reprints Desk thought it would be nice to give you something for free - the Outsell Insight report entitled: ‘Workflow Tools Enhance Analytics For Corporate Content Management

counter-compliant journal usage and cost reporting

The report is particularly timely because corporate budget planning is just around the corner! It explores the value of Pubget’s journal content analytic tool, PaperStats. PaperStats saves you time and money by automating on-demand COUNTER- compliant usage reporting with cost data. It also includes document delivery data in analysis and recommendations. PaperStats is available to the corporate market exclusively through Reprints Desk.

In addition to the Outsell report, be sure to check out:

1) USC Norris Library Case Study - see how they saved time managing their serials

2) Pharma Case Study - see how one corporate library saved nearly $200K (USD) through more accurate subscription-document delivery “load balancing.”

(You may also be surprised to know that transitioning document delivery to subscriptions represented a significant portion of the savings as did better holdings data for the company’s link resolver)

Rather than developing slick technology platforms that users may not need or readily adopt, we pride ourselves on solving actual problems and meeting actual needs for our current and future customers.

Please take a minute to share your thoughts about content usage reporting and tell us about your needs. We’d be happy to explore any challenges you’re facing and see how we can help.


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