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Putting you at the center of the Article Galaxy in 2012

Posted by Ian Palmer on October 3, 2011

We at Reprints Desk are 100% dedicated to making our customers happy. That is why we are excited to let you know about the new products and features we’ll be introducing to valued customers like you in the coming months:

These new products and features, described in more detail below, were designed to make your job easier and to make content more ‘social, mobile, and searchable’ (SMS). Together, our new offerings and existing ones are all part of our article platform, which we are re-naming ‘Article Galaxy’. Stay tuned for more about this in the near future. In the meanwhile, please let us know your thoughts on the developments we’ve shared below. We are grateful for your continued support. Providing visibility into our interactions with your users.

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In December 2011, customer administrators will receive self-service access to document delivery customer service details and reports. In addition, you and your users will now also have access to our searchable Get Help knowledgebase of information resources and an easy-to-use help request system that auto-assigns tickets for even greater responsiveness.

Importantly, we also receive a number of suggestions every day. To help prioritize and provide greater transparency about our development roadmap, we will be testing this new tool as a forum for sharing, viewing, and voting on new features and products. 
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Saving time & making navigation easier.

Article Dashboard resized 600

We’ve bundled a lot into our document delivery system – easy ordering, link resolver functionality, workgroup repositories, usage reporting, collection management tools, and more.

For users who login to, we want to make sure they get the most from our system. So sometime between now and January 2012 we’ll be rolling out a more visual Article Dashboard for users. The dashboard will provide an intuitive navigational experience for users to interact with our system and include the capability to display links to time-saving resources.
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Saving time through federated
search integration

Federated Search resized 600

Federated search is a discovery technology that enables researchers to simultaneously search across multiple online databases and easily view search results that have been aggregated, ranked, and de-duplicated. Sometime before January 2012, we’ll be integrating search into the literature retrieval workflow. Customers that enable this feature will save time for users by enabling them to simultaneously search multiple discovery environments directly from our new article dashboard.
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Simplifying literature acquisition,
management and collaboration.

bibliogo resized 600

For you and your users, we’ve developed a journal article web app that we call Bibliogo.  The app provides powerful alerting, curation, access, collaboration and integrated document delivery tools to simplify what users do with journal article PDFs every day. We’ll be formally announcing the launch of Bibliogo in November 2011, but until then check out the website and contact us to learn more.
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Helping marketing teams to deploy
ePrints to iPads & the Web.

Article Viewer resized 600

Bulk copies of articles have always been critical to the evidence-based promotions of companies fueled by intellectual property (IP).  And the importance of ePrints has only increased as companies spend more on e-detailing, direct selling and other marketing activities.  To meet these needs, we’ve developed the iPad-compatible Article Viewer Mobile App.  We’ll be launching this solution to companies like yours and publishers this December 2011.  Let us know if you’d like a preview and to discuss the potential value of this solution to users at your company.
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