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Nearly a decade ago, we launched Article Galaxy
with the vision of changing the world through 
improved access to scholarly research.

This vision has manifested itself in the continuing mission to channel the rarified brand of knowledge that has the potential to not only change lives, but the world, and do so with a level of excellence commensurate with this calling.

Article Galaxy was born and thanks to our employees, customers and partners, our platform is now the world’s preferred single source solution for scientific, technical, and medical content access and spend management.

Reprints Desk is a Research Solutions company and creators of Article Galaxy. Our award-winning software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution Article Galaxy harnesses the world’s knowledgebase, bringing an unprecedented level of coherence and control in the instantaneous delivery of that knowledge for the advancement of science.

No question, the road to discovery and innovation is quite literally paved with journal articles and other scholarly content. Article Galaxy combines best-in-class expertise, processes, and technology to ensure that your scientists and technologists are able to navigate that road at the speed of thought.

Scholarly literature is at the center of everything that is exciting in the scientific, technical, and medical (STM) worlds. And that’s where we live—in the very flow of it. Channeling humankind’s repository of knowledge to the very people whose research is taking science forward is a responsibility that we take seriously.

And it shows in our unrelenting commitment to providing fast and frictionless access to scholarly research papers and other vital content that that 21st century knowledge workers need—when, where, and how they need it.

Whether we’re delivering one article or tens of thousands of articles—some of which take us to the ends of the Earth to locate—we perform like none other in the industry. That’s why Article Galaxy is ranked #1 in every Document Delivery Vendor Scorecard from industry analyst and advisory firm Outsell, Inc. since 2008.

Every day we:

- Identify and solve our customers’ critical content workflow and compliance issues and challenges.
- Expand content access while reducing costs.
- Shape our platform and services to fit into our customers’ ways of doing things.
- Make knowledge delivery easy.

We invite you to learn more about how Article Galaxy brings practicality, simplicity, flexibility, and helpfulness to deliver unrivaled performance to some of the world’s toughest knowledge access challenges. Explore the site and let us hear from you—we’d love to learn about your grand challenge.

A History of Innovation


The Meaning of the Name 'Article Galaxy'

The term “galaxy” has two common usages. First, a galaxy is a system of millions of stars held together by gravitational attraction. In this sense, Article Galaxy is that central point of gravitation, pulling together millions of units of knowledge in the form of articles. A secondary application of the word is an “assemblage of brilliant or notable persons or things.” In the context of Article Galaxy, these are the science and engineering authors who fuel the vast knowledge base we help deliver to our customers, as well as other article users in publication planning, legal and regulatory divisions, and medical affairs.