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    Prestigious universities, Fortune 500 companies, life science start-ups, and others choose the document delivery platform Article Galaxy for improved journal content access and spend management.

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    Introducing faster order options and the Gadget Store - your library of gadgets, powerful apps for science designed to personalize your user experience.

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    Introducing Article Galaxy Widget – a versatile tool for browser-based content access. Buy, rent or access papers right in your search results from PubMed, Google Scholar, and 70+ other search portals with a shopping cart-like experience.

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    Accessing scientific literature doesn’t have to be like scaling a mountain. That’s why we created this concise guide to getting around the obstacles that stand between you and the information your organization needs.

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"Article Galaxy is like this big black box I put stuff into and then it magically appears. I did not know it was so detailed."
—R&D Information Professional

Article Galaxy for STM Knowledge Access

Article Galaxy is the top-rated document delivery platform that improves research through a proprietary solution design that makes it practical, simple, flexible and helpful. Document delivery supports critical research, fills content gaps within library collections, and lowers unnecessary spending by ensuring maximum use from existing content investments before individual journal articles are purchased.



 Article Galaxy is the most efficient. By virtue of optimized content acquisition strategies augmented by cost-saving algorithms and other technologies, data-driven Article Galaxy provides the lowest total cost of ownership, along with the most reliable and fastest article delivery time possible.



 Article Galaxy eliminates the friction in content acquisition. Whether enabling article ordering without leaving the discovery platform, automation of routine processes, providing instantaneous article access, or resolving copyright, Article Galaxy reduces complexity to deliver satisfying user experiences.



 Article Galaxy conforms to your way of working. Unlike other service providers that may force one-size-fits-all solutions or require conformance to fixed workflows, Article Galaxy handcrafts custom, highly scalable workflows according to your specific needs and ways of doing business, keeping you in control.



 Article Galaxy supports the full spectrum of docdel needs, globally, 24/7.  From managing and supporting day-to-day tactical urgencies to informing your long term strategic planning, Article Galaxy is structured specifically to help you maximize the productivity of your knowledge operations.

Article Galaxy Customers

About Article Galaxy

The practice of scholarly research retrieval (“document delivery”) has been around since libraries loaned papyrus scrolls. The library is, indeed, an ancient entity. But from time to time, a new paradigm emerges to completely transform it. Think, for example, of the way that Amazon has revolutionized the way people buy books, bringing technologies and services together in ways that transfigured an old world business model that had crystalized over centuries.

Likewise, Article Galaxy, is the software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that harnesses the virtualization of an exploding knowledgebase. It brings an unprecedented level of coherence in the instantaneous delivery of that knowledge for the advancement of science. No question, the road to discovery and innovation is quite literally paved with articles. Article Galaxy ensures that your knowledgeworkers – whether scientists, engineers, medical affairs professionals, attorneys, professors or students – are able to navigate that road at the speed of thought.

Document Delivery “Behind the Scenes”

On the surface, document delivery seems so simple—deliver the requested documents, end of story. It’s about insight into who is using the service and how they’re using the service.—their identities, divisions, locations, the journals they’re consuming, how much they’re spending. In short, it’s about visibility and control over a process that is critical to the success of the organization.

The atomization of scientific, technical and medical (STM) literature has many parallels with the paradigm shifts we’ve seen in the music industry: single article licensing, peer-to-peer sharing, ease of discovery, simplicity of access, and more. But document delivery is far more complex and presents numerous challenges over the simple consumer models. There are a great many variables with which to contend: authentication, invoicing, delivery formats, copyright considerations, content sources, purchasing filters, special services, integrations, fee structures, platforms—the list goes on. Document delivery presents a veritable Chinese menu of possibilities, all of which must be orchestrated to yield a finely tuned and optimized workflow aligned to very specific needs. Enter Article Galaxy.

Article Galaxy is the firm foundation upon which you can build a smoothly operating knowledge access infrastructure. But we didn’t stop there. The proper administration and management of all that knowledge and its consumption is equally important. To this end, we’ve built out the Article Galaxy infrastructure in a way that makes it easy to not only embrace what you’ve already built, but extend into new, growing, and consolidated functionalities for continued future process improvements.

Scholarly Content: Driving the Lab-to-Market Lifecycle

Scholarly literature is at the center of everything that is exciting in the scientific, technical, and medical worlds. And that’s where we live—in the very flow of it. Channeling humankind’s repository of knowledge to the very people whose research is taking science forward is a responsibility that we take seriously. And it shows in our unrelenting commitment to providing frictionless, instantaneous access to the vital content researchers need—when, where, how, and on what terms they need it.

Equally exciting to us is the amazing legacy of knowledge dissemination. Consider for a moment that a little over a hundred years ago, an unknown physicist found himself inspired by his readings in The American Journal of Science, which published an article entitled On the Relative Motion of the Earth and the Luminiferous Ether. The article actually documented a failed experiment, but the science behind it got under our reader’s skin—and into his own science. Countless journal articles later, in 1905, he made his own contribution, in the German language journal Annalen der Physik, kicking off what would become celebrated as Albert Einstein’s Annus Mirabilis. And the world would never be the same.

Einstein’s special and general theories of relativity were published as articles. Not as books, not as manifestos, but as articles, published in a journal of physics. It’s journals like these that preserve humankind’s record of scientific thought and achievement, and pass on to all those who follow. And we’re honored to play a role in that.

But the delivery of scientific literature is not without its challenges, not the least of which is the astounding volume and complexity of content and the myriad ways of accessing and managing it. And that’s true for everyone involved, from the licensors to the aggregators to the librarians to the end users.

Every minute of every day sees as many as three new journal articles published, adding to an already massive universe of articles that is growing exponentially. Keeping on top of it all is no mean feat. Especially when considering that researches demand that such content be available on demand—simply, effortlessly, and cost-effectively, whether it is one article or tens of thousands of articles—some of which take us to the ends of the Earth to locate. Those are the very challenges Article Galaxy exists to solve. And we solve them every day. Globally. Because science depends on it.

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